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Join our team in Hungary and take the next step in your career, NCH Europe provides a variety of roles from sales and management, through to supply chain and finance.

Hungary is one of the leading nations in Central and Eastern Europe, with a major role in the food processing, pharmaceuticals and motor vehicle industries.

As these industries continue to grow, the demand on machinery products is increased. Equally, as production volumes increase, companies will start to look at small changes that can lead to huge cost savings. Companies turn to us to maintain and protect their machinery and ensure they are energy and cost efficient.


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Capital City


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By joining the NCH Europe team in Hungary, you will help businesses to refine and maintain their systems, advising and monitoring their investments into innovative industry solutions.

There are a wide range of job types to choose from, whether you want to be a sales representative, skilled technician or take on a support staff role. You will find a role that suits you and your skills.

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Sales Representative - Maintenance Platform

Hungary (Baranya, Bács-Kiskun, Pest and Veszprém counties)

Benefits of working at NCH Europe

At NCH Europe you’ll work with experts in their fields, liaise with leading and emerging industry professionals and see cutting-edge innovation technologies develop. There’s always something new to learn.

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At NCH Europe, we supply innovative maintenance, energy and water solutions to our clients across the continent. We ensure our clients are in-the-know to make informed decisions about their businesses. You will be involved in supporting and advising a wide range of clients across Hungary, meaning every day is different.

Must-attend event

for fun hungary

For Fun

The Sziget Festival is one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe. It is held every August in northern Budapest. More than 100 performances take to the stage each year.

for work hungary

For Work

The Mach-Tech in Budapest is the largest specialised exhibition for mechanical engineering in Hungary. International trade fair exhibitors use this to show their latest machines, materials and innovations.

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