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If your next career challenge is set to be in Finland, then you might want to check our opportunities below; open to both locals and those who want to relocate in the future, take the next step with NCH Europe.

Finland's key economic driver is the manufacturing sector

This includes companies that produce anything from paper to vehicles. We advise many businesses in this sector, helping them get the most out of NCH Europe’s product innovations. These NCH Europe products minimise costs and boost energy efficiency.



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By joining the NCH Europe team in Finland, you will play your part in improving the efficiencies of some big industrial names.

There are a wide range of job types to choose from, whether you want to be a sales representative, skilled technician or take on a support staff role. You will find a role that suits you and your skills.

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Benefits of working at NCH Europe

At NCH Europe you’ll work with experts in their fields, liaise with leading and emerging industry professionals and see cutting-edge innovation technologies develop. There’s always something new to learn.

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At NCH Europe, we are proud to be industry leaders. We supply innovative maintenance, energy and water solutions to our clients around the continent. The Finnish paper, vehicle and energy sectors are just some sectors that wouldn't be as happy if we weren't around.

Must-attend event

for fun finland

For Fun

Flow Festival is a leading European music and arts boutique festival taking place in a historic power plant area in the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

for work finland

For Work

Food Manufacturing Tampere is a trade show for the food manufacturing industry. Visitors would certainly be interested in how we can improve most of their processes, from reassessing the lubrication they use, right down to treating their wastewater.

You will also be pleased to know we provide a range of staff perks.