NCH Europe supplies a range of industrial strength lubricants and fuel additives to handle the most arduous applications. Our selection of performance-boosting lubricants and additives are designed to stop parts from seizing, eliminate unnecessary downtime and protect against rust and corrosion.


A trusted industrial lubricants supplier

As a provider of best in class maintenance solutions, NCH Europe provides the following lubricant and fuel additive solutions:

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Our range of aerosol lubricants include calcium sulphonate grease, dry lubricant, chain and cable lubricant and release agents offering protection for a wide variety of applications. NCH’s aerosols are fast acting, quick drying and designed to lubricate small spaces precisely and effectively.

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NCH Europe’s range of fuel additives boost performance, increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, prevent wear and tear and increase the operating life of your vehicles and equipment.

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Chain and Cable

Our chain and cable solutions offer superior lubrication to prevent a number of issues (including pin and thread wear or temperature damage to ropes, chains and cables). They offer supreme protection against extreme weather conditions, rust and corrosion.

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Compressor Oils

Designed to lubricate and protect metal moving parts and air compressors, our range of compressor oils are guaranteed to keep your compressors running smoothly and efficiently.

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Gear Oils

Our range of automotive, industrial, UTTO and food grade gear oils keep your transmissions well maintained and gears fully protected.

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Our calcium sulphonate base, food grade and lithium base grease ranges are specifically designed to protect equipment even in the harshest conditions. Performing under extreme pressure and providing excellent water washout resistance.

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Hydraulic Oils

NCH Europe supplies a range of mineral oil and IGM hydraulic oils to protect your hydraulic machinery against wear and tear, oxidation and corrosion.

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Metalworking Fluid

We supply a range of synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids to protect and cool metal workpieces and extend the life of parts and cutting tools.

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Motor Oils

NCH Europe supplies a range of high-quality synthetic, semi-synthetic motor oils and mineral oils, suitable for either petrol or diesel engines.

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Release Agents

We supply a range of high temperature and food grade anti-seize and lubricating compounds, white oil and thread lubricant to reduce friction and damage from wear and tear.