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Jumbo Supermarket, Portugal

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Jumbo/Comp.ª Portuguesa de Hipermercados, SA

Today, the Grupo Auchan manage the Jumbo hypermarkets and the Pão de Açúcar supermarkets chain in Portugal, with a total of 33 shops (23 under the Jumbo brand and 10 under the Pão de Açúcar brand) with a total area of 197.630m², 30 BOX shops, 23 Jumbo petrol stations, 23 Saúde & Bem Estar shops, 1 Parafarmácia shop, 7 Jumbo optician’s and 1 jumbo Natureza shop. The group has around 9.000 collaborators.



Jumbo in Faro had really high values regarding the waste water parameters coming from the bakery and pastry manufacturing area. Having been warned of the need to comply with the maximum limit values regulated by local authority – FAGAR, Jumbo needed a consistent, reliable solution.


In February 2012, we were contacted by Mr Luís Massapina, from the Jumbo maintenance team in Faro. After checking all the essential details and in order to take full advantage of our biological treatment, NCH Waste Water installed 1 BioAmp™ in the bakery and pastry manufacturing area; about 100m away from the grease trap, allowing the Biological treatment to clean all the pipes in a length of nearly 100m, ending at the grease trap.


From March to May, the FreeFlow™ bacteria did a full cleaning on all the pipes from the discharge site to the grease trap, reducing the high values in the waste water parameters considerably. In September, the results were already within the maximum limit values imposed by the local authority – FAGAR, thus revealing an effective and consistent performance of the BioAmp system.

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