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Pipe Repair

Pipe repair solutions from NCH Partsmaster

Pipe repair is vital to reduce downtime and increase efficiency for your business. Pipe systems are critical to facilities and establishments: protect yours with reliable pipe repair solutions from NCH Partsmaster. Our specialist pipe repair products provide fast, cost effective solutions to leaking or damaged pipe work.

Pipe repair for hospitality and industrial buildings

Pipe systems are found in almost every hospitality and industrial building. They are used to transport a wide variety of substances including; steam, water, oil and a range of chemical solutions.

Leaking or damaged pipe work can cause hours of down time and lost production; costing customers thousands in lost revenue. NCH Partsmaster ensures damaged pipes are returned to normal service with minimum down time, offering significant cost savings to our customers.

Pipe repair product range

The large range of pipe repair products from NCH Partsmaster offers easy solutions to mend most damaged or leaking pipes and includes:

  • easy to apply epoxy putty for sealing and plugging holes
  • water activated bandages to reinforce and protect pipes
  • self-amalgamating tape for sealing pipes under pressure.

All of the pipe repair solutions available from NCH Partsmaster complement each other, allowing a precise collection of products to cover the widest possible scope of application.


Are you interested in our pipe repair solutions?

Reduce downtime, increase efficiency and cut costs. Find out more information about the pipe repair solutions and services available to you from NCH Europe.

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