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Adhesives from NCH Partsmaster

NCH Partsmaster offers customers a large range of adhesives, sealants and fillers including instant adhesives and high strength acrylic. We offer specialist adhesives rarely found elsewhere.

As well as supplying a diverse and wide range of quality adhesives, NCH Partsmaster offers technical knowledge and guidance to ensure that you receive the best adhesive for the job.

Adhesives: Quality adhesives plus technical know-how

For an adhesive to bond adequately it must penetrate the surface to be bonded - otherwise known as wetting - and change from a liquid into a solid: a chemical reaction known as ‘Polymerisation’.

The wetting stage of the bonding process is vital for adhesives to achieve a satisfactory bond. Adhesives must successfully penetrate the surface in order for the bond to hold.

So if you are looking to utilise adhesives, bear in mind that correct surface preparation plays a hugely important role in this stage of the bonding process.

Choosing the right adhesives

The technical guidance and expert skill from NCH Partsmaster provides you with the understanding and knowhow to ensure you always choose the right adhesive for your needs. Our two main adhesive families, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives and Structural Adhesives cover over 90% of adhesive applications that are likely to be encountered.


Can we help you find the right adhesives for the job?

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