In this blog, we hear from Nick Wordingham from Blast Wash UK. Nick and Blast Wash UK recently joined NCH within the Parts Cleaning platform. He talks about his experience that led to the formation of Blast Wash UK and how two of their products, DryBlast and WetBlast, fit into the Parts Cleaning Torrent range.


Joining NCH 

I started Blast Wash UK in 2013 as an extension of the work I had done in my previous job as a Pre Treatment Manager for a leading surface treatment company. Nick blog article

Prior to this, my professional career covered both the chemical and mechanical sides of the parts cleaning process. During that time, I worked with, and supplied equipment to, many industry-leading, blue-chip companies ranging from the likes of Formula 1 Teams, large machine manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Smiths Aerospace, Jaguar Landover, as well as manufacturers with large machine operations such as GKS.

This dual chemical and mechanical experience was fundamental in the creation of Blast Wash UK. There are not many companies that specialise in both factors i.e. combining machinery with chemistry.

My experience meant we could take a niche, expert position, due to the experience from the chemical side and the machinery side, being able to merge the two together to give the perfect solution to our customers. This in turn enables us to provide a greater breadth of service and advice to our customers. Instead of specialising in one area, we provided a joined-up service, one that matched needs to solutions to create a more complete customer experience.

One of the most rewarding experiences I have at Blast Wash UK, still to this day is seeing the wow factor when customers come in to process their parts. The realisation that our machines can transform badly corroded, old motor cycle parts to look brand new.  Expertise is important in the Surface Treatment Industry, and the best way to demonstrate this is having the ability to exceed customer’s expectations.

It’s our integrated approach and customer focus that made the merger with NCH an attractive proposition. Across multiple platforms, NCH are offering a set of products that are interconnected and formulated from the same place. What I mean by that is, the grease sold by the Lubrication platform, that is degreased by the detergents in Parts Cleaning have been created with each other in mind. Like with Blast Wash UK, this offers customers a complete solution, one that exceeds their expectations, which they can’t get anywhere else.

NCH’s continued investment in our Wet and DryBlast machinery as part of the Torrent range is an area I’m looking forward to greatly.

Creating a Blast

Our DryBlast machine can utilise different types of abrasive media (such as grains of Aluminium Oxide) which are propelled at high speed at the part that needs processing. The sharp edges of irregular shaped media, impacts on the surface, cutting away the accumulated, contaminated material.

Processes such as rust removal, corrosion, and descaling, each require a different approach. The material of the substrate also dictates which media is suitable for the application. For example, mild steel with rust and contamination will require a different media and approach to removing paint from an aluminium aircraft wing, where the substrate mustn’t be damaged.

With our WetBlast machines, these utilise a different type of media, one that polishes, such as glass beads. Instead of cutting away at build-up with sharp edges, polishing media cleans through flow not impact. The glass beads are spherical, hence polishes the substrate by skidding across the surface, with the water acting as a lubricant. 

Pairing a WetBlast machines with leading products from NCH like Storm1 (formulated to include additional performance elements such as rust inhibition) mean that in a single process, a part can be degreased, polished, and ready to return to service, but also be prepared against rust and corrosion at the same time. Polishing a part, protecting it, and extending its longevity all in a single process certainly has the wow factor for our customers.

Across both machines, in total, we can employ around 75 different types of abrasive and polishing media to accommodate different customer needs, applications, and materials.

European Rollout

As we move forward with a European roll out of the Torrent DryBlast and WetBlast machines, I’m looking forward to making some short trips to meet key partners and visit facilities around Europe as travel becomes available again. Richard Bastable and I will be visiting the Nordics, Germany and Austria to name just a few of the first places we plan to visit as part of the launch.

Blast Wash UK has been a successful company and teaming up with NCH, can only increase and create more success, due to the investment and synergies of the two companies.

Together we have a broader knowledgebase from which we can continue to create better products that give customers that wow sensation. What they thought was possible, has been blasted away, replaced by something new that can drive them on to greater levels of success.


If you would like to speak with Nick about any of the points in the article , please call +44 (0)1604 811505 or email