Legionella Control

Legionella control

Managing Legionella in water systems is vital to avoid cases of Legionnaire's disease - a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Legionella bacteria can exist in airborne water droplets. Without the correct Legionella control equipment, you run the risk of people being exposed to Legionella and inhaling these contaminated water droplets. 

We can provide you with a full risk assessment of your hot and cold water systems. We'll also ensure that you have the necessary process in place to control the risks.

Do I need legionella control?

Legionella control equipment and a legionella prevention plan is mandatory if your business has any of the following on-site:

- cooling towers and evaporative condensers

- hot and cold water systems

- spa pool

- humidifiers

- indoor ornamental fountains

- air washers

- showers

- hybrid coolers

- aqueous tunnel washers

- pasteurisers

Chem Aqua Legionella Control 

Chem Aqua (a subsidiary of NCH Europe) has been providing water treatment solutions since 1964. We're a multifaceted company, with lots of experience in water treatment

Chem Aqua can help you with:

- Risk assessment - identifying and assessing sources of risk

- Chemical and service provision

- Analytical services - microbiological and chemical

- Monitoring and control programs

We can also organise events for duty holders – in order to help you understand the latest legal requirements for Legionella control, the implications for you, and ways of ensuring compliance with the law.

As well as training, can supply log books with latest legislation and review your risk assessment in line with the specifications.



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