Acerca de NCH Europe

NCH Europe existe gracias a sus clientes. Gracias a la tecnología más avanzada, nuestra experiencia en el sector y soluciones de calidad, disponemos de las herramientas necesarias para comprender mejor las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

NCH Europe es una de las principales divisiones de NCH Corporation, empresa multinacional con sede en Estados Unidos. Con presencia en 25 países y una red de más de 2.000 empleados dedicados a ventas.

Ofrecemos las mejores soluciones de agua y mantenimiento, centrándonos en hostelería, industria e infraestructura en Europa. Alcanza tus objetivos de sostenibilidad y maximiza tu eficiencia con nuestros conocimientos y competencias técnicas sin igual.

En NCH Europe creemos en "personas que hacen negocios con personas". Hemos desarrollado y seguimos ampliando un equipo de ventas directas para establecer una conexión con el cliente, mejorar nuestro conocimiento de este e impulsar la penetración en el mercado.

Key Responsibilities


Please review some of the details below and if you feel this might be the next right role for you then drop us your CV and we’ll set aside some time for a chat to provide you with some more details.



Corporate Accounts Managers (CAMs), part of the strategic accounts business development team, are seen as sales leaders that create opportunities for growth by driving sales from a corporate level down to local level.

The CAM’s individual excels at building relationships, both within internal customers (Chem-Aqua field representatives) and external customers (business partners).

While focusing on company revenue and profitability, the CAM is tasked with building and protecting Chem-Aqua’s reputation as a world-class water treatment provider.

Chem-Aqua’s CAMs are adept at viewing water treatment solutions from a customer’s viewpoint and thereafter helping our organisation deliver on that vision.

Responsible for Corporate Accounts business development in the CE Region including management and support for existing corporate account customers.

·         Develop effective relationships with decision makers and executives at both new and existing customer accounts and meet Annual Sales Goals.

·         Identify, research, qualify, pursue, sign and transition targeted corporate accounts.

·         Maintain a robust funnel capable of delivering incremental revenue; retain and grow existing strategic accounts within the Chem-Aqua portfolio.

·         Undertake allocated project work.

·         Assist with the implementation of technical and sales training modules.

Skills, Knowledge & Expertise

Characteristics of our successful CAMs vary considerably…they are a unique piece to the puzzle that makes up a cohesive team.  However, our CAMs do share a few important traits:

·       All are superior communicators.

·       They are persistent yet patient and extremely ethical.

·       They are the consummate team players.

·       They are capable of navigating a complex web of personalities to find commonalities that help create win-win scenarios.

·       They are customer-focussed with their needs at the epi-centre of business interactions.


It’s a challenging job but one that is very fulfilling.  Other characteristics of a successful CAM include:

·       Strong financial acumen and motivated by earnings.

·       Builds effective relationships and fosters a teamwork culture.

·       Strong decisions maker, well organised, good planner.

·       Problem solver, creative and innovative.

·       Competitive, hard working and well presented.

·       Outgoing, confident and comfortable presenting face to face.

·       Determined, entrepreneurial, organised and willing to learn.


An interesting salary; variable compensation commission scheme; benefits package.