Handichem System

HandiBloc and HandiChemEliminate labour, safety and handling concerns with our Handichem™ solids water treatment system.

Handichem™ provides the proven results of high performance liquid treatment programs but is easier to use and more environmentally responsible.

The Handichem™ solids system minimises energy and water usage while reducing environmental concerns.

The Handichem™ system consists of Handipak® solid concentrates, which contain the same high performance actives as liquid formulas and the Handifeed™ mixing board, which dispenses the Handipak® solid concentrates into the system to be treated.

Already proven to be effective in hundreds of boilers, cooling towers and process water systems, the Handichem™ system is ideal for use in hard to reach places, such as cooling tower roof tops.

Our Handipak® solid concentrates are supplied in recyclable 5kg plastic containers; reducing exposure and handling. A case (4x5kg bottles) is equivalent to 120 litres of traditional liquid treatment. This lowers labour costs and frees up floor space; four cases take up the same space as one 120 litre drum.


  • Reduces chemical exposure
  • Eliminates splash and spill concerns
  • Lower levels of sodium hydroxide than traditional liquids
  • Eco-friendly formulas: less hazardous to use, more degradable after discharge and with lower usage requirements
  • Eliminates drum disposal concerns and reduces packaging requirements and landfill waste
  • Minimise waste: 100% consumption of chemical at the point of use
  • Improves chemical work stations

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