Our solutions cut through grease and organic matter to keep systems cleaner for longer.

With regular use our solutions protect plumbing systems, maintain drain flow and reduce the need for pump-out and clean-out operations.

We supply solutions for a range of applications:




Put a stop to blockages and keep drains flowing with NCH Waste Water.

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Waste Water Treatment Plant

Failing to meet effluent limits can cause costly problems. With solutions from NCH Waste Water, these problems can become a thing of the past.

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Grease Traps

High FOG volumes can overwhelm treatment facilities resulting in discharge to the environment, blockages, back-ups and foul odours. When a significant layer of grease has accumulated the trap must be cleaned out.

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Lift Stations

Reduce grease build-up and cut costs with NCH Waste Water. Lift stations push waste water from a lower elevation to a higher elevation.

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