NCH Partsmaster supply an extensive range of precision manufactured fasteners, fixings, threaded inserts and wall anchors that form powerful attachments between similar and dissimilar materials.

Vibration can be a common problem in many applications; our range of anti vibration washers prevent bolts, set screws and other threaded fasteners becoming loose due to vibration whilst in service.

NCH Partsmaster also carry speciality fasteners designed for soft, brittle and thin materials such as plastics, thin gauge metals, insulation fibre broad and fibre glass.

Our best selling “Grab Cert” is a general purpose threaded insert, designed with an axial knurl providing excellent resistance to vibration, with exceptional torque out and pull out characteristics. Wherever M4 - M10 metric coarse threads are required in both thick or thin sheet metal, this product can be considered.

Dyna Hammer Rivets


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