Whether you need to provide additional insulation, make safe exposed wires or joints, provide added protection in high traffic areas or are just strapping loose wires; NCH Partsmaster has a solution.


Shrinkable Tubing

Several versions are available covering most situations and applications. The range includes Super Shrink Plus, which offers an incredible 6:1 shrink ratio, offering thick wall protection for the most severe environments.



Electrical Tapes

Dyna Electrical Tape Super is high performance UL listed pressure sensitive PVC tape, which has incredible levels of flexibility and elongation, coupled with excellent electrical properties.

Hercuflex and Hercustretch tapes offer a combination of either PVC or neoprene backing, with butyl inner mastic, for excellent sealing and encapsulating properties.

Dyna Cool Shrink Tape is a self-fusing tape offering high levels of performance in most situations including high voltage applications up to 132KV.


Cable Ties and Wraps

Dyna Wrap It is an easily applied polyester wrap around sleeves designed to protect cables, wires, pipes and hoses. Manufactured from closely woven fibres it provides excellent abrasion and UV resistance.

Dyna Tie Matic is unique cable tie dispensing system allowing you to make custom cable ties in just seconds.

Dyna Super Shrink Plus


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