Drill Bits

Drill more holes than non-cryo treated bits. Advanced drill design and Cryophase™ treatment mean that Cryo Drill Bits drill more holes than other bits.

Customers can enjoy an almost 90% increase in drill bit life, compared to premium cobalt drill bits.

How are Cryo Drill Bits better than other drill bits?

Cutting tools need to be tough (withstand shock) and hard (withstand abrasion) to machine hard metals. Cryo Drill Bits are harder and tougher than standard maintenance drill bits and last twice as long.

The results:

Independent testing* by a UKAS Accredited test house confirmed that Cryo Drill Bits drill more holes than standard drill bits, including premium grade Cobalt bits.

Typically it was found that Cryobits, drill 88% more holes that premium cobalt, and 200% more holes than premium M2 bits.

*Note: Cryobit test performed by UKAS Accredited test house. Results available by writing to: Southdown Materials Testing, Unit 5 Tansey Green Rd, Pensnett, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 4TA, UK.


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