You can be sure that the NCH Partsmaster range of maintenance hardware solutions can be relied upon to deliver even when facing the toughest of repair tasks.

Need an adhesive for tough applications? We have a solution to bond virtually all materials. Want to save money and increase performance? Our Cryo phase process permeates cutting tools and realigns the molecular structure; creating a tool that cuts for longer with increased reliability.

NCH Partsmaster can tackle your maintenance and repair problems with our range of welding solutions, fasteners, abrasives, cutting tools, adhesives and sealants. All our solutions come with technical support; giving you the package you need to take on any repair problem.


To machine hard metals, tools need to be tough (withstand shock) and hard (withstand abrasion). Independent tests prove that Cryotools™ are both tougher and harder than other tools on the market.

Built stronger, lasts longer; Cryotools™ dramatically outperform non-cryo treated tools. How? We freeze them!

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Abrasive technology has advanced with the development of NCH Partsmaster's range of abrasives and cutting wheels.

Special ceramic or zirconium based abrasive grains and state-of-the-art bonding technologies are used in cut-off discs, grinding/polishing wheels and other NCH Partsmaster products; creating the longest lasting, fastest cutting abrasives available.

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Pipe repair

Leaking or damaged pipe work can cause down time and lost production; resulting in a loss of revenue or increased maintenance costs.

The range of value added pipe repair products from NCH Partsmaster offer a speedy and cost effective solution to leaking or damaged Pipe work. Allowing damaged pipe work to be returned to service with minimum down time.

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NCH Partsmaster supply a varied and diverse range of adhesives, sealants and fillers including instant adhesives, high strength acrylics, epoxies and specialist products rarely found elsewhere.

Our range of Cyanoacrylates offer fast curing times and excellent bond strength whilst our Structural adhesives offer both high levels of tensile and peel strength, with excellent resistance to impact.

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