Water Based Parts Washers

water-cutoutWater based parts washers from NCH Parts Cleaning provide powerful, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to degrease parts and mechanisms.

Our water based parts washers provide a high degree of parts washing that lowers costs for your business.

All of the water based parts washers from NCH Parts Cleaning contain no VOCs and are CE compliant. These environmentally friendly, biodegradable solutions can be used in food processing areas and alleviate the use of solvents.

With oil skimmer options, automatic cleaning and pre-selected time schedules; parts washers from NCH Parts Cleaning reduce operator costs whilst providing high performance heated cleaning systems suitable for automotive workshops, industrial maintenance workshops and production facilities.

NCH Parts Cleaning offer a complete range of products tailored to customer needs, along with a professional service package from our technical representatives. This includes variable service terms to suit customer cleaning requirements, installation of the system and regular inspection and maintenance visits.

Water Based Parts Washers
Water Based Parts Washers

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