Good food hygiene is essential, so it's important to use the right products.

NCH food safety & hygiene options are the next step in our commitment to meet our customer needs providing a comprehensive range of products and systems designed specifically to ensure that you have all the components required to help you meet the latest European Food Hygiene Legislation.

We provide a full range of disinfection and cleaning solutions for floors, worktops as well as antibacterial hand washing compounds and biocidal dishwashing liquid all linked to accurate dosing equipment.

Our range of machine dish washing compounds and rinse aids with specialist dosing equipment not only ensure your dishes are spotlessly clean but also protect your machines from grease and lime.

We have industrial strength degreasers to remove even burnt on carbon and grease deposits that are ideal for cleaning equipment in contact with food.

Many of our products have been developed for use in and around the preparation of food and carry full NSF certification.


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