Commercial Cleaning

Tackle tough soils and grease with the professional strength of NCH Maintenance.

First impressions count for a lot in the workplace; make sure yours makes the right one. Our solutions remove tough soils and stains from multiple surfaces, saving you time and effort.

Do you need disinfectants and sanitisers that kill a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria, algae and fungi? Specialised cleaners that are safe for use on food contact surfaces? Or bathroom solutions from toilet cleaners to cream cleaners?

We deliver the products you need to tackle all of your commercial cleaning applications. Speak to one of our highly trained sales representatives and let us find the solution that’s right for you.



Disinfectants & Sanitisers

Protect your workplace with the right solutions from NCH Maintenance.

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Good food hygiene is essential, so it's important to use the right products

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Keep bathrooms hygienically clean with NCH Maintenance.

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Reduce downtime, increase efficiency and cut costs. Find out more information about the solutions and services available to you from NCH Europe.

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