Compressor Oils

Good lubrication is essential for compressors; find the right oil with NCH Lubricants & Fuel Additives.

Compressors are probably the most critical component in industrial equipment. But when compressors break down, the whole operation shuts down, resulting in costly downtime and parts replacement.

Compressors can be subject to chemical wear, mechanical wear, oil oxidation, deposit build-up and water contamination.

Some compressor oils can struggle with changes in operating temperature and often have a short service life. Compressor oils from NCH Lubricants & Fuel Additives are different. We use synthetic base oils with anti-oxidants to help provide extended oil service life.

Whether you are suffering water contamination, reduced efficiency or high discharge temperatures, NCH Lubricants & Fuel Additives can help. We have developed a full range of compressor oils to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure and moisture without deteriorating or leaving rotors and bearings dry.

Our solutions are designed to resist mixing with water, providing a constant film of lubrication.


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