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Release Agent - Bulk

Un Lock

Un Lock

High temperature anti-seize and lubricating compound

Superior lubrication under extreme pressure and extreme high temperature conditions up to 1200˚C.

  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Assures superior thread lubrication
  • Decreases risk of corrosion and seizure
  • Allows disassembly without damaging gaskets
  • Lubricating film prevents bolts from locking
Un Lok 2000

Un Lok 2000

Food-grade anti-seize and lubricating compound

Protects metal up to 1260˚C.

  • NSF H1 approved for use in food processing areas
  • Reduces friction and wear; remains in place even under extreme pressure (4 ball weld load: 500kg)
  • Decreases parts damage
  • Makes tighter joints possible
  • Resists water washout