National Sanitation Foundation

NSF – National Sanitation Foundation Founded in the US in 1944, this none profit, public health and safety organisation test, audit and certify products and systems, whilst also providing education and risk management.

nsf-rightNSF is the world leader in product certification for food safety with a focus on food, water, indoor air and the environment. NSF conducts product testing and material analyses through to unannounced plant inspections. Every aspect of a products development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn certification.

Committed to public health and safety and the protection of the environment, NSF certification is not a one off event, it involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and regular re-testing of products to continually ensure the highest standards.

NCH Europe has a number of products with NSF certification and we continue to register more, allowing us to provide high quality products that have been independently assessed and approved. These include cleaners and lubricants for use near food contact surfaces and sewer and drain cleaners for use in food processing areas.

To keep up to date with our registered products visit: NSF Product and Service Listings