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NCH are closely monitoring the evolving public health situation with regards to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We are following the latest health and hygiene recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well governmental guidelines within the markets we operate, to our protect our staff, customers and operations.


Q. Your alcohol based hand rub is anti-bacterial, how can it kill a virus?

A. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends the use of an alcohol based hand rub and it is internationally recognised that frequently cleaning your hands with an alcohol based hand rub containing more than 60% alcohol is currently the most effective known method of protecting yourself against the virus. Our own alcohol based hand rub contains over 70% alcohol, so more than complies with this recommendation. Our products, along with all other manufacturers’ products, have not been tested against the COVID-19 virus as it is not yet available for commercial testing. This is in common with all other cleaning and hygiene products on the market.


Q. Do you have alcohol hand sanitisers in stock?

A. We have increased production in our manufacturing facility in an effort to keep up with demand for alcohol hand rub. We have secured the necessary raw materials and packaging to make new stock and this is currently in production. Order fulfillment will be on a first come, first served basis. Please note that some packaging options may become temporarily limited and alternative packaging may be offered.


Q. Will stock availability of your wider product line be affected?

A. We hold a significant amount of inventory and are in constant communication with our suppliers to ensure continual supply of both raw materials and stock. We believe that supply of our wider product line should not be affected.


Q. If you have a production facility located in China that can affect us, what is its current status? What are the current raw material and finished stock levels?

A. We do have production in Asia; however this is just for the Asian Market. The supply of products in Europe comes from European production facilities.


Q. Do you have a sub-supplier located in China? If yes, is there a risk in terms of supply? What is your stock adequacy level in related components?

A. We are not aware of any issues. We typically source raw materials from Europe and have dual sourcing where appropriate to limit potential risk.


For information and advice on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, please click here