Food Accreditation of NCH Products

Since 1994, Worldwide Food Service Safety Month has focused on the vastly important role that cleanliness plays in the processing, preparation and serving of food. Machinery, work surfaces, working environments, water systems and ventilation all play a part in the protection of food while it is in production.

To ensure that different facilities, with different processes and considerations, can keep to standard independent verification and accreditation creates a dependable standard that gives confidence to customers and to facility managers.

One of the leading global certifications for products in the food service industry comes from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) who approve products for use within sensitive environments such as food service. They provide a full index of categories of products that can be used in such environments on their website.

 NSF Mark on blue

At NCH, our team of chemists work hard to continually maintain products that achieve NSF accreditation as well as our own goals for product performance and sustainability.

Our Product Range

NCH products cover the need for degreasing as well as cleaning to the highest standards for food service environments. In particular, cleaning products such as our Aqua-Sol range below can be used in and around food processing areas or handling facilities, where its use is not intended for direct food contact.

Aqua-Sol products have accreditations in two categories:

A1 - General cleaners
A2 - Soak tank, steam/mechanical cleaners

  • Aqua-Sol Low Foam (A1,A2)
  • Aqua-Sol Neutra Split (A1)
  • Aqua-Sol Neutra Split LF (A1,A2)
  • Aqua-Sol Power (A1)
  • Aqua-Sol Silicate Free (A1)
  • Aqua-Sol Silicate Free (Aerosol) (A1)

NCH degreasing products for machines and other food grade equipment are also NSF certified.

Wherever there are carbon deposits as a result of heat or other processes, Sootaway is an NSF category A8 biodegradable surfactant that can cut through accumulated soils such as burnt on carbon, greases and grime. When used with NCH machinery, such as the Torrent Sonic80, it leaves parts immaculately clean and ready for any additional treatments or return to service within a machine.

NSL 01, in liquid and aerosol form, is a solvent cleaner that contains no chlorinated or aromatic solvents. Ideal for removing oils, waxes and resinous deposits in non-food processing areas (NSF Category K1), but can also be used as a solvent cleaner for electronic instruments (NSF Category K2) and as an adhesive/glue remover (NSF Category K3) .

For all NSF certified products, ensure directions are followed carefully, according to the label and any certified documents.

When it comes to cleaning that reduces microbial infestations, that can cause illness and other health concerns, the EU and UK Biocide Product Regulations contain a list of Product Types (PT) and some of these are more relevant for disinfection in food areas, especially PT2, PT3 and PT4.

PT 2 - Industrial and domestic areas

PT 3 - Veterinary areas

PT 4 - Food Areas

Our disinfectant product Everbrite Ultra is approved for use in the above PT’s and is highly effective within a multitude of food grade environments.

Creating Safety, Creating Confidence

Finding the right products, that not only perform but are safe for use in food grade environments, is essential for any facility in the food industry supply chain.

At NCH, we’re proud to have our products accredited so that you have confidence when you use our products that you’re going to get the results you expect, but also the safety certainty you need.

For further details on any NCH Food grade product, contact our industrial maintenance experts.