Welding electrodes from NCH Partsmaster

NCH Partsmaster’s welding electrodes are made to be efficient and easy to use for maintenance welders. The special flux coatings of our welding electrodes are designed with a focus on usability, with superior operability and excellent weld deposit mechanical properties.

Welding electrodes you can rely on

NCH Partsmaster's welding electrodes have been developed with flux formulations that ensure the following:

  • Our welding electrodes are the easiest to use in the market
  • Our welding electrodes are suitable for severe applications i.e. rusty, greasy surfaces
  • Our welding electrodes are multi-positional
  • Our welding electrodes can be used for novel and unique applications
  • Our welding electrodes meet and surpass international standards and norms

Special application welding electrodes like X-Tract alloy save time and labour by removing even the toughest frozen bolts and studs.

Also included is a range of Nickel coated MIG wires, in addition to soldering and brazing alloys, offering the optimum solution for a wide range of applications across most industries.