Degreasers from NCH Europe

In order to prevent machine breakdown caused by contamination or hidden faults, it's essential to ensure that you include degreasers in your maintenance program. It's worth investing in high quality degreasers in order to cut down time spent on repairs and lower energy wastage. Degreasers can mean the simple difference between a working or broken-down machine.

Degreasers: solvent based degreasers and water based degreasers

Our range of Water Based Industrial Degreasers are safe and efficient degreasers that penetrate and remove grease and grime with minimal effort. This type of degreaser is perfect for removing soil and dirt from most surfaces, are environmentally safe and can be diluted with water for economical cleaning. We have degreasers and oil separators, low foaming degreasers, water soluble industrial solvents and degreasers for glass surfaces.

Need a tough degreaser? Our range of Solvent Based Degreasers clean heavy grease and soils from machine parts and equipment. We have a range of solutions, from high strength solvent based degreasers, to chlorinated degreasers and aromatic solvent free degreasers. No matter what you need, NCH Maintenance will have a solution for you.



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