Legionella Control

Legionella control for cooling towers, hot & cold water systems and spa pools

Legionella control is essential for business that have purpose-built water systems including cooling towers, hot and cold water systems and spa pools. To control the risk of Legionella bacterial growth, professional Legionella control measures must be put in place. 

Outbreaks of Legionnaire's disease occur from exposure to Legionella growing in water systems that are maintained at a high temperature. As well as the above systems, Legionella control should also be put in place by companies with emergency showers, ornamental fountains, humidifiers and air washers. Basically if your water system has a water temperature between 20 degrees celsius and 45 degrees celsius, stores or re-circulates water, is likely to contain sludge, scale or fouling, or spreads breathable droplets like an aerosol - then you need to control the risk of Legionella outbreaks.

Legionella control solutions from NCH Europe

A Legionella control service is offered by NCH Chem-Aqua, who have years of experience in the field. We offer the following services for Legionella control:

- Legionella risk assessment

- Chemical and service provision for cooling systems

- Analytical services

- Monitoring and control programs

With NCH Europe, leaders in industrial maintenance solutions, you'll be in safe hands.


What kind of legionella control service do you need?

Reduce downtime, increase efficiency and cut costs. Find out more information about the industrial maintenance solutions and services available to you from NCH Europe.

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